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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shabby Chic Trappers Cabin Furnishings - 28 items

These items are made to fit perfectly with the trappers cabin.

A chicken coop, so they can have fresh eggs. One chicken inside the coop and the other chicken is copy/mod so if you want to put a script inside it, or have a bunch of chickens - you can do that.

A bed area that has a laying animation, and two poseballs for a couple to stomach sleep. Under the bed is a rifle and chamber pot. At the end of the bed there is a chest which opens and closes with a touch, and a bunch of money inside

Bedside table that has a lamp with a tiny light that flickers, books, and there is a bookshelf above, and tapper accessories for the wall.

The kitchen includes vintage grain sacks, crates, basket of veggies, basket of eggs, drying herbs, herb organizer, vintage cans with and without labels, and canning jars.

Fresh bread sitting atop the counter with raw bread - just 'sit' on the bread to kneed the bread. A wagon decorates the outside with all sorts of utensils for gardening.

Touch the fishing basket and receive a rustic fishing rod.

A whittling stool for in front of the fire. Sit on the stool to receive a piece of wood and whittling knife - wear those and watch the wood chips fly as your avatar whittles. Let your avatar relax in front of the fire while working with his/her hands.

Enjoy the bear skin rug, old vitage map, chest for firewood with axe on top.

TONS of little details - chock full of interactivity!

If you don't want to see the poseballs for meat cutting - all poseballs are scripted to listen to channel 9. Just type /9 show in your chat line to show the poseballs or type /9 hide in your chat line to hide the poseballs.

Very natural animations. You can visit this in world at the main Shabby Chic store in Gemella.

This set was created as a stand alone set - or you can add on to the 'Trapper Collection'. The trapper collection is a Summer 2010 collection from Shabby Chic to celebrate the Mountain Men and Trappers of years gone by.

See the rustic cabin and all the different additions to the collection. You can start and build the collection by purchasing smaller stations, you can purchase item by item, or you can make bulk purchases.

LOTS of interaction in all the pieces.
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