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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shabby Chic Faded Elegance

I'm so thrilled to introduce you this new dress I've just created - Faded Elegance. - 15 pieces. Stand out from the rest of the ladies in this showstopper!

The soft sweet fabrics, dripping pearls, sweet pink bows with draped satin and jewels that adorn the skirt make it elegant and sweet.

The waistband rises with a tiny bustle into a muted cranberry satin with matching daisy bow. Lovely sweet shirt with 3/4 length sleeves - thats just the right fit.

A cute little bolero completes this outfit, as well as lace collar and sleeves, plus a little something for your hair.

This dress comes with MATCHING SHOES!.

All items are COPY/MOD so you can make just the right fit for your avatar. It's ONLY ON SALE at the main store for 350 Lindens.

Feel free to take a look around the 'HOMES' area for the new home furnishings, couches, loveseats, books, magazines, vintage typewriter, dressers, coffee tables, rugs, paintings and so much more that I've added there. TO TELEPORT TO OTHER AREAS TOUCH THE BLACK BASES AND SELECT FORM THE MENU. IF YOUR VIEW IS ODD WHEN YOU ARRIVE - PRESS ESCAPE.

Look in the TRAPPER area (walk away from the train depot - to the house in the woods), to find the old trappers cabin with all of its add ons. feel free to try everything out.

Don't forget the TEXTURE SIM - with tons of vintage textures for all of your role play needs. For sale individually and in linden saving packs

Thank you so much for your LOYAL patronage - I just celebrated my fourth full year in Second life a few days ago - its been an amazing few years!

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