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Friday, January 20, 2012

Shabby Chic Native Girl Outfit

The outfit alone comes with dress and shoes and cuffs (bra and panties included). It looks real cute on and has lots of details which make it fun to wear

The Full Native Girl is now available. The full outfit comes with dress, armbands, knee hi moccasins, bow, arrow, and quiver, and canoe that she paddles nicely in the water. Don't miss this great outfit - I had a ton of fun making it, and it has some fun animations!

If you just want the Bow, Arrow and Quiver - you can buy them separately. The bow is animated and puts your avatar into a fighting stance when you wear it. It shoots arrows if you go into mouselook, but not very far, its meant more for the looks. When you are in mouselook (you can't see yourself), but you stand up straight and tall and your avatar gets ready to shoot (it's pretty cool looking).

When you get to the main store - TP to the trapper area to find the set.

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