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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Christmas Markets - a MUST SEE list

Christmas Markets

If you're looking to find just the right thing - finding a good Christmas Market with a smattering of this and that is a wonderful thing to find. There are a few out there which I've had the pleasure of visiting. Once there - if you like what you see - usually you can get a landmark to the main store. If you are a creator and want to sell at these markets - I HIGHLY recommend all these owners. Good communication and great atmosphere!

Christmas Mall, Glamorous Vendetta - Zwerfer Gilks has been doing this for a couple years and really does a nice job, good space, and a wide variety of Christmas merchants put a sampling of their items here.


Christmas Market 2011, Planet Earth - Vircha Kerouac has had a market for years. He LOVES Christmas and does a great job making you feel like your transported in time to a winter wonderland. He is a creator as well as the organizer of the market.


Christmas Lane, Bee Designs III - I was really happy to find this place, lots of cute merchandise in a very well laid out, interactive place. You'll find some of the same merchants - but some I hadn't seen before - very cute and well done.


Christmas Market at Santa Claus Place, Jura - Gregleens Merlin is another fellow whose had a market for years. If you want to ski when you finish skating - this is the place for you. Lovely rope toe with a nice ski trail. The market is well laid out, with a variety of merchants.


Christmas at The House of Avro - Our list wouldn't be complete without this great sim full of stores. Ride a Christmas Carousel or a train - its really a very large well done sim.


Individual Christmas Merchants

Shabby Chic Christmas Market - Jordanna Hamaski, of course I might be slightly biased but I love the area I've put up this year. Lots of fun interactive items and goodies.

Never You Mind Rustic & Rustically Rural Stuff - My first time to this sim and I love it - fun, and interesting - and there's a hunt for some very unique animated gifts. I enjoyed walking around the sim - thumbs up on this one!


Silent Nights Christmas Decorations Shop - Silent Nights does an excellent job of creating unique Christmas items. They have a style just their own (and I happen to love it).


Winter & Christmas Decorations By The Snowball Store - My first trip to this sim - you're pelted with snowballs when you arrive (clever). There aren't a ton items for sale, but the sim is amazing, and what is here - is WELL worth seeing. It's labeled an adult sim (but there's nothing in the enclosed skybox that isn't G rated - that I can see). Worth checking out!


Christmas Market by MB-CreationZ - Minke Baily is a fabulous creator, and I love her Christmas area. She adds tons of detail to her work, and makes lovely decor.


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