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Monday, September 26, 2011

Shabby Chic Trapper Style Items

Whittle: Sit down on this stool and your avatar will receive a piece of wood and a knife. When you wear them both, your avatar will begin to whittle, and wood chips will float out.

When you 'sit' on this table your avatar will be given a knife. Wear the knife and you will see your avatar butchering meat.

Butcher: When you are done butchering, all you need to type is /9 hide into the local chat, and all the meat will disappear (as if you were done butchering and emptied your barrel).

Saw: Sit on this Fallen log and you will be given a saw. Wear the saw and you will notice your avatar is sawing the tree

Dry your clothes: Sit on the basket and your avatar will be given a mens shirt. Wear the shirt, and it will appear that your avatar has removed it from the basket and is putting it up on the clothes line to dry.

Once she's done she'll go back into the basket for more. Feel free to try it out in the Trapper section at Shabby Chic.

Wash your clothes: Sit on the stool and your avatar will be given a shirt and a sudsy scrub brush. Your avatar will wash clothing in the water, which is scripted to swirl

Chicken Coop: This chicken coop has a door that opens on touch, one of the chickens is roosting up in the coop. It comes with a mod/copy chicken, so you can make as many chickens as you want, put them in various positions, or even add scripts to them so they move.

This is a really versatile start - works well just as is - or you have the option to do other things to it.

Barrels: These wooden barrels could be for wine or beer or just spare rain barrels. They are all nicely stacked in a pile - and look great beside your house - a really nice looking addition - low prim

Firewood: This stack of firewood loos nice and authentic, comes with chopping block and ax. Looks great sitting next to the house, textures are photorealistic.

Drying Fish: Several rows of fish are drying on this rack over a nice smoldering fire.

Fire is scripted with some crackling sounds, and smoke comes from the fire as the low flames flicker.

Available at the Shabby Chic Vintage Emporium. Once you arrive - TELEPORT to the TRAPPER area.

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