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This Blog is dedicated to the individuals who love the Shabby Chic and Chicaholic Lines. Shabby Chic is a vintage store in Second Life, specializing in Vintage Dresses, shoes, hats, home decor, textures and much much more. Chicaholic is a modern line with a focus on casual comfort.

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Shabby Chic is covered in an article in Glance Magazine for December of 2009 - be sure to check it out - the article starts on page 89.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Chicaholic Go Wild Flowers Outfit (Jeans, Sweatshirt, T Shirt)

Great colors for Fall

Comes with a pair of Jeans - this outfit comes with Low Rise Capri Jeans a Long Sweatshirt on the Jacket level. A short Sweatshirt on the Shirt level. Sculpted Hood with prim draw strings, A short sleeve t shirt on the undershirt level that can be worn long or short!

Very versatile and colorful! Reminds me of Lucky!

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