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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shabby Chic Win a Wardrobe Photo Contest

Shabby Chic Photo Contest - People's Choice and Honors (3 winners)

No cost to enter - Just submit your photo

I would love to see how people are wearing the Shabby Chic Styles - so take a photo of yourself wearing a gown or item from Shabby Chic and win a chance to select 5 outfits of your choice from the store (excluding fat packs).

Feel free to make your photos artistic and fun! I can hardly wait to see the photos.

Submission Deadline: May 8th
Voting May 9th - 15th

Rules For Photos:

1. You/your model must be wearing a Shabby Chic Outfit from my store
2. Clothing must be visible - and photo should be PG
3. One Entry per avatar - Only 30 slots
4. I reserve the right to refuse inappropriate photos
5. Your photo is final - once submitted it cannot be changed
6. Submit your photo by Midnight SL time Saturday May 8th 2010
7. photos will be displayed on 1.4 x 1.7 x .010 and can be horizontal or vertical
8. Submit your full permission photo (mod/copy/transfer) or prim the exact size of #7 above. Label your photo like this:

Avatar Name: 2010 Shabby Chic Photo Contest

Rules for Voting:

1. You can cast a total of two votes - one on each voting machine
2. Your vote is final - so choose carefully
3. Anyone found harassing a customer in the Shabby Chic store will be disqualified
4. You are more than welcome to ask friends to vote for you.
5. You must come and vote - there is no remote voting
6. Voting will begin Sunday May 9th in the AM
7. Voting will end Saturday May 15th in the AM

Rules for Winning

1. Highest vote count on each machine is a winner
2. I will choose my favorite photo as a third winner
3. Winners will be announced in the Shabby Chic Group. If you are not a member feel free to join at the front of the store.
3. Winners must select their outfits by sending a notecard no later than June 1, 2010



5 copy/mod outfits of your choice sent to your avatar or to someone elses avatar.


Please submit a notecard with the name of the 5 outfits of your choice by June 1, 2010. If you are sending your outfits to someone else - please indicate in the notecard the exact name of the person who you would like me to send the outfit to. If you do not indicate the outfit is to be sent to someone else in the notecard - I will not be able to send it to them.

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