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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Necessities of Life By Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic - Necessities of Life

This tub is filled with dingy water. If you sit in it - your avatar will relax in this tub.

Touch the curtain and it will disappear - cute little vintage item for your vintage home

This set includes sink, mirror, and a shelf with a number of ephemera items you can choose to display, or not display.

Vintage toothe paste, vintage laudnum, vintage, carbolic acid (for the treatment of syphillis), vintage medication bottle, vintage ad on carbolic acid, sign for syphillis and crabs epidemic, and some cigars (touch and get a cigar). If you wear the cigar your avatar will smoke.

Sit on the sink and your avatar will begin washing its hands.

Water really runs from the faucet with a touch!

Extremely reasonable price - use some of it - use it all - it's got a lot of bang for the buck!

The toilet flushes when you touch it and the lid opens and closes. Comes with sound effects as well!

Just a cute little rack of linens you can put in your bathroom. Fun Shabby Chic Vintage Colors, soft light reds, pinks and blues or a nice brown.

These four sacks look great, and make great home decor - sit them against a wall, or under a table - they just add that extra touch!

Just a little something to set in the corner of your rustic cabin, or outside on the porch. Its a wood box that keeps your wood toasty dry. Hatchet on top. Cute inexpensive decor for your space!

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