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This Blog is dedicated to the individuals who love the Shabby Chic and Chicaholic Lines. Shabby Chic is a vintage store in Second Life, specializing in Vintage Dresses, shoes, hats, home decor, textures and much much more. Chicaholic is a modern line with a focus on casual comfort.

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Shabby Chic is covered in an article in Glance Magazine for December of 2009 - be sure to check it out - the article starts on page 89.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shabby Chic Full Permission Wedding Textures - Laces, Fabrics, Tulles, Accessories, Necklines

Wedding Textures for Creators...or just for fun

Purchase these textures as singles, or in the packs you see here. They are located at the Texture Plaza in Brauni.

The lace textures tile really nicely, you can view how any of these textures tile by choosing the 'tile option' in the middle of the individual texture vendor.

The Tulle textures have lovely invisibility behind them, and are png files. The fabric textures are jpgs and have no invisibility. VERY reasonably priced for the number of textures you receive. Come take a look

If you like to work in Photoshop download Alphaconv. I heard works for converting the tgas back to their png format including the invisibility. Quote - from a customer: "Alphaconv (freeware scanned clean) and you set the output file and then drag and drop the tga. Voila!

Shabby Chic Vintage Wedding Accessory Textures

Shabby Chic Wedding Fabric JPG Textures

Shabby Chic Wedding Lace PNG Textures

Shabby Chic Neck PNG Textures

Shabby Chic wedding tulle

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