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Monday, June 28, 2010

Shabby Chic Paid Opportunities

Originally uploaded by Shabby Chics
Shabby Chic Models/Photographers Needed (50L per photo used):
Job Detais
Do you know how to take great photos? Does your avatar make a great model? These photos will be used on the internet? I will be using these photos on different websites.

If you would like to be one of the models -I am paying 50L per photo - of each photo that I use. I am hoping to get 2-3 photos of each dress (from different angles) and I have over 100 dresses.


I will not know which photos I will be using until after I receive them all. I will begin in early July choosing photos and by mid/late July will be complete. All avatars whose photos are used will be paid 50L per photo. I will pay directly into your SL account, and send you a small note.

What I want:
* I prefer all dresses be submitted by July 1st - I will accept late photos, but I am more likely to use things if I receive them early.

* prefer color photographs

* save photos to your hard drive (not to inventory) - this is free

* photos from any angle - that look nice (choose your location well). I want to be able to see the dress - so so make sure the dress looks good from the angle you are using.

* Child avatars photos encouraged - if you are wearing Shabby Chic and resizing it to your avatar using the resizer those would be great as well.

* you must be wearing a Shabby Chic outfit

* no text or huds in the photo

* feel free to make the outfit versatile (jacket on, jacket off) - feel free to send more than a few photos of the same outfit - I might use them all.

* set the size of your photo to make sure that the photo is NO LESS than 512 x 512 (the bigger the better)'

* send all photos to my email: . Saving photos directly to your hard drive and emailing to me allows you to take the photos for free. It does not cost money to save snapshots to your hard drive.

* include your name, and the name of the dress in the subject line of the email. If you have photos of several different dresses - please create seperate emails (so I can organize)

Send the photos to me

SUBJECT LINE: Jordanna Hamaski, Shabby Chic Ruby Opera (example)
SUBJECT LINE: , (example)

Please feel free to take as many shots as you like of as many gowns as you like. Feel free to take group shots with other ladies - snapshots of you working or in role play wearing the dresses - get creative - this is going to be lots of fun.

Group shots will be paid by the photo - to the person who submits the photo.

I will have a couple photos up at the front of the store in gemella so you can see the type of photo I am looking for.

Thank you so much

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