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Monday, December 21, 2009

White Table of Hors'dourves only 24 Prim

This rezzer is awesome for having the look and feel of a feast with only 24 prims taken from your land tab. So a large number will appear beside your name (but only 24 prim of your land prims will be counted). The other prims are temporary and are not counted against your land prim count.

Rez the table in the area you want it to be, when you move it - the food will take a few minutes to follow it - but in a minute or so - the food should be on top of the table

I have created a plate - which you can stack on top of the other plates - or anywhere else - it has some floating text. If your guests touch the plate it randomly gives out slices and bits of all the food. There is a spoon, fork and a number of slices of pie, cake, cookies strawberries grapes chocolate and soup. The plates have animations in them.

Plates have japanese and english floating touch me text

Some foods are meant to be eaten with forks, some with spoons, some with no utensils. Usually the avatar is holding a plate in one hand and food, or utensil in the other.

The table you see rezzed at shabby Chic - is exaclty how the table should look.. You can see it in Brauni at the christmas bazaar.

Be patient - and make sure you have scripts enabled on the land you want to put it on.

Be aware than more than one table can cause lag.

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