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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Graduated with My Certificate in Virtual Worlds.

I am a Registered Nurse, working full time at a Hospital in the Seattle area. I have a strong interest in technology and a vision for how healthcare can harness its power to educate staff and patients. Learning the culture of Second Life, scripting, textures, sculpted objects, advertising, eventing, real estate, and commerce in second life is an integral part in successfully implementing any business, education or outreach offering.

The Univeristy of Washington Certificate program combined with my In World experiences and a strong Real World background in technologies such as PSD textures, HTML, keyword optimization, writing, program management and marketing has given me a deep skillset to draw from. I work very well in a group, or on my own. I'm driven, practical, hard working and manage my time judiciously. I'm always in a good mood, and have a zest for life. I have good communication skills, and experience dealing with difficult people.

I currently own a third of a sim and sell my vintage and modern textures, clothes and creations in a large Mall The Vintage Store is called "Shabby Chic", and the Modern Store is called "Chicaholic". I have invited other vintage artists to rent out spaces on the lower level of of the mall. This business venture is cash positive, and enabled me to purchase things for my family, pay tiers, buy land, and many other affordances in second life.

My work has been featured in the Captured Book, which is a book created by a Real World Business for their clients who are interested in getting involved in second life, and my clothes have been showcased in several large fashion shows and trade shows.

Prior to the UW VW Certificate build, the bulk of my experience was in clothing design.

First Quarter I was the Leader for the Medical Panel Group. We invited Dr. Rick Satava, Dr. Greg Gahm and Dr. Bob Franza to discuss the applications for medicine and healthcare in the virtual world. This Panel dicussion was very sucessfu. I have included a small portion of that discussion for you below, as well as a brochure I created for the event as a whole. Touching the sign in world delivered this brochure to people so they could attach it to their hud and see both the speaker name, title and avatar name.

A portion of the panel discussion

Book Created for Event

My Experience in the VW Gaia - 1st Quarter

During our second quarter I was the leader of the Auditorium/Theatre Build. It was fun to be the leader of a group who worked hard on their tasks and created a quality build.

For my personal parcel I was also able to build a resume piece. I experimented with different builds and settled on a home. It was important that I did everything by myself that quarter. If I didn't create it (with the exeption of the Linden Trees), it wasn't on my property. I created all the textures for the house and began building and scripting from scratch. Since then I have incorporated different purchases - but found the challenge of creating everything from the build menu very invigorating.

During our third quarter I was responsible for relocating my 2nd quarter Personal build to the other side of the island and adding interaction to encourage camer movement in their lesson. I was also asked to relocate the Auditorium for the educational group for another aspect of their build. I was on the Marketing team as a member and was asked to do some landscaping, make some bridges, but mostly work on the wiki. I have created graphics, done class individual and group photos, and am working on this showcase. I also created a cap and gown for graduation.

So make sure you stoop by and check out some of the things on the UW VirtualBiodome Sim. YOU DON'T WANT to miss my house - its filled with tons of things to do!

Third Quarter Interaction For Educational Build

Class & Group Photos and Website

Cap and Gown for Graduation