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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shabby Chic Store Policies

Shabby Chic and Chicaholic FAQ's

A couple weeks ago I put up store policies throughout the store for all the customers who have questions.

I have endeavored to be extremely helpful, and have great appreciation for my customers. I usually check SL twice a day. I work full time - so I check before and after work. If you have problems with any item please send a notecard. IM's get capped, and some times I crash on arrival and things just evaporate unless they are in a notecard.


I have begun to make all my clothes resizeable - so that you will have clothes that FIT. However, if they don't, I will try to help you resize them, but that is not always possible. If your avatar is of questionable size - please feel free to contact me first - and I can potentially create a demo model for you to try before you buy.

But if you tell me that it doesn't fit AFTER you've bought it - there is nothing I can do, they are no transfer, and thus not able to be returned.


I create my items so they are the most usable to my customers. Most customers want to create outfits by mixing and matching items. If I allow you to modify it, and copy it you can create as many outfits as you want using pieces from different dresses and mixing it up with your favorite jeans or jacket from a completely different designer. Making them modifiable allows you to customize your look, and get a good fit.

By doing these things - making it transfer is not an option. So, My Clothing is NOT returnable. You couldn't give it back to me, even if you wanted to. Which is why I stress to BUY CAREFULLY.


You are allowed to create items with these textures. The textures cannot be resold under any circumstances.

These textures are not allowed to be given away under any circumstances.

The textures are Full Perm and cannot be returned under any circumstances.

(c) 2008, Jordanna Hamaski, All Rights Reserved
Buying this product you agree to the following according to the TOS of the online game Second Life, the TOS of www.xstreetsl.com and the legislation about copyrights related to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act:
These Textiles are only for private use. You may not, print, copy, distribute or disclose them to anyone neither as they are nor as a part of any file. You are authorized to take advantage of them only in order to create your own clothes or creations that you may sell/give away as clothes! The violation of this agreement at any way means a copyright infringement that could set your self under the risk of a prosecution and a DMCA take down notice.


I have gift vendors located throughout the mall. Please click the 'buy as a gift' graphic and follow the instructions written in local chat. It will ask you to type in the name of the individual whom you want the gift sent to.

If the item you want to give is not in the gift vendor you can purchase it on:


or just message me, and I can send it. On ocassion, if you ask nicely, I can change all the permissions and make it transfer (no copy). However - you must let me know this BEFORE you buy.

Sometimes we make mistakes when we are in SL. I understand that, but I am not able to fix everyones mistakes. Please take responsibility for your accidents.

I do not tolerate abuse, or threats, these are both violations of Linden Labs TOS and are potentially things which LL could close your account for.

So please, shop carefully.

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